My esl classmate

When she was 11 years old her father died. But, as the time passed, she became the same girl again. August 1, at The name of the hospital where Josephine was born is called Donkan.

At that time, I heard a sound, a barking. Having been afraid of snakes, I was scared to death when I heard that. Her grandmother died from bone cancer. I was so absorbed in the flower that when I turned back, I realized that I was left behind.

It was sunny and windy.

Before starting, we were warned of chances to meet one of the most fearful creatures in the jungle: This is Josephine Camara. A was very difficult and she was completely crazy.

My Classmate Yesenia By Josephine Camara Yesenia is a courageous and nice person who has passed challenges in her past and learning from the past always made her a focused person. Also she was a volunteer in the hospital because she did not want to see people suffer anymore from accidents.

How beautiful the scene was! It was breathtaking for us to witness the imposingness of nature. She felt so horrible and very sad. But she is also a really brave girl in her plan of study and life.

Yesenia is a girl who has known much suffering in her life but who I think will be happy in the USA and she really deserves it. After two days in Brazil, my father went to a tourist office to book a trekking tour into the jungle.

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He looked suspect at the dog and left. He left because he had a fight with her mother for another woman.

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The English was very difficult for her because she never learned it before.My Classmate Josephine By Yesenia Perez Do you know my classmate Josephine? She is the craziest girl I have ever met in my life. She is friendly and she’s pretty, She’s helpful and a nice person. Classmate Presentation With your interview partner, choose 5 - 10 of these questions to beused for your presentation, or, make up your own questions: What.

Empower ESL Writing Students: Keep It Simple (English as a Second Language) students from all over the world had a hard time not only adjusting their writing/textual production to the language interviewed my classmate, ___, and he told me interesting things about himself.

Home > Activity Categories > ESL Speaking Activities > Describe A Classmate Describe A Classmate. print it. share on. share on. share on. share on. Students use physical appearance vocabulary to describe someone in the class.

Students work in groups to guess the student being described. A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable, printable worksheets, practice exercises and activities to teach about classmate.

Coneyt is in my ESL writing class this semester. He came from Turkey, he is the only child in his family. Everything is new for Cuneyt in New York city because he.

My esl classmate
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