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More attention needs to be paid to qualitative factors than simple quantitative values that are based on an archaic metric. The influence that affirmative action has on the hiring process can, even if unwarranted, lead to hostile feelings and tension between races. It is now necessary to consider merit instead of simple statistical qualities Sturm A revamped affirmative action could transcend divisions and help all individuals that need aid to have their own chance at achieving the American dream eliminating the feeling that a minority candidate only obtained the place that they were because of a program specifically aimed to help out racial and ethnic minorities.

As of a study conducted in According to the information provided by Thomas Jr.: An outdated "solution" The places where affirmative action once helped, it is largely no longer necessary.

Jackson Board of Education - affirmative action firing scheme, guaranteed that at no time would the percentage of minorities laid off exceed the percentage of minorities employed at the time of layoffs.

Based on the current trends, white males will only make up 15 percent of the increased work force over the next 10 years if figures hold the same as projected Thomas, Jr.

A "Quick Fix" Culture The issue of affirmative action can be applied to a larger issue for the nation as a whole, namely: Social inequality no longer requires the dramatic oversight it once did.

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It was implemented in and over the course of two decades was shown to improve opportunities for women and minorities in most cases Leonard A different perspective on affirmative action Instead of continuing the practices that affirmative action has laid out for minorities--both men and women, the system should be looked at from the interior Full sentence outline on affirmative action of companies.

In many ways, it has actually created diversity issues similar to those it was intended to correct, but for the white students or workers who do not fall into its scope of interest. Rather it should be a system that inspires and helps those that are from a less fortunate background by giving those that have shown the willingness to succeed an equal opportunity to perform.

Before the installation of this program, whites almost exclusively enjoyed these sorts of privileges, and the majority of those were males. Indeed, affirmative action clearly causes increasing amounts of racial diversity issues and is hardly a recipe for achieving proper diversity in modern social roles.

If this trend proceeds unchecked, before long affirmative action will have to include white males as well and simply become a comprehensive government regulation for education and workplace demographics. Money General laziness Lack of empathy from the general population This is exactly what is seen with the issue of affirmative action.

Even if affirmative action could still work, it would need to be more sophisticated and consider more variables than simple gender or ethnicity.

Eliminating Stereotypes One of the other major aims of affirmative action, initially, was to: This kind of prejudice cannot be regulated away and is the kind of social prejudice that actually creates diversity gaps.

Truly, competitive institutions of business and education have to tap whatever talent pool is available. Regardless of whether this claim is true, the mere existence of a program like affirmative action can create an environment of hostility and tension for minority workers even if they are the most qualified for the job.

Affirmative action has become the kind of regulation that only limits the flexibility of the system. The factors of lack of public empathy and general laziness have reemerged and slowed the progression to a unified solution.

By making a program that, for example, would look to equally admit or hire an individual from a poor family, some of the racial tension that accompanies affirmative action could be dispersed.

This study was conducted over the course of six years, from toand shows clear improvement in workplace diversity. Presently, finding employment is very difficult for almost everyone in the country as job growth continues to diminish.

To truly correct the issue of ethnic and gender inequality, it has to be addressed at the fundamental level. It implied a separate but equal system. However, instead of combating the problem and making fundamental changes to the way that society deals with and views race and gender, the United States was forced to implement a program that forced those that may discriminate in their choosing process to have a certain number of openings be filled by minorities.

The issue presents itself with their promotion and advancement once they have secured employment Thomas, Jr.

There are also statistics to suggest that white males have actually become a minority in the work force, making a policy that excludes their opportunities harmful to genuine equality Thomas, Jr.

This program has served its purpose and should be allowed to be retired with dignity knowing that it helped many minorities take the first step towards equality, especially during times when racism was a much larger issue that permeated into many different facets of everyday life.

An outdated program As noted, when first implemented this system was not only needed but successful, however as it becomes more and more clear that the program has become outdated and needs either a major overhaul or to be shut down.

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Instead of only offering aid to those that have a common racial or ethnic background, the program could be used as a tool to help all of those that have come from a challenged background.

Since its original incorporation into an enforced act, affirmative action has seen many changes and has constantly been the focal point for conversation both in the positive and negative sense.

Paradise - court order designed to remedy proven intentional discrimination by the Alabama Dept. By reconstructing the system, affirmative action can: This means that the formatting here may have errors.- Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a deliberate effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for women, minorities, and individuals belonging to other traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Definition of affirmative action: Employee hiring and promotion policy that takes a proactive approach to removing prejudices against recruiting and promoting minorities, and other under-represented groups of the society. Use 'affirmative action' in a Sentence.

Sentence Examples. The split reflects a division of opinion among courts generally on the issue of affirmative action. He played affirmative action to the hilt and took full advantage of it. The Roberts-Sotomayor fight on affirmative action says otherwise.

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Affirmative action is a program that serves to rectify the effects of purportedly past societal discrimination by allocating jobs and opportunities to minorities and women.

Full sentence outline on affirmative action
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